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Horseriding & Yoga

You don’t have to be an overnight guest, to experience unforgettable hours at Soho.

Enjoy a private professional horse riding lesson or give yourself the gift of a healing yoga session.


Riding lessons:

Private Class, 50 minutes, Price: €60 incl. VAT

Subscription Private Class (10 units) Price: €540 incl. VAT

Lunge unit: 30 minutes, price: €50 incl. VAT,
Lunge subscription (10 units) price: €450 incl. VAT.

By appointment only.


Yoga promotes physical and mental well-being and leads us to our center. We offer Power Vinyasa Yoga classes – a powerful, holistic yoga practice, and Therapeutic Yoga classes – a practice that gives you stability and flexibility.

By appointment only.

Prices upon request.